The best motorbike review

The best motorbike review

Discover all the latest news on two wheels!

Which motorbike to start with?

Tips for choosing your first motorbike

Before you buy your very first motorbike, you need to check what you are allowed to ride. Check that you can insure the bike you are about to buy.

Before you buy your dream motorbike, check with insurance companies. Ask for estimates, shop around to see competitive offers…

New or used

New or used?

If you want to buy a second-hand motorbike, you must have mechanical, bodywork or welding skills.

Alone or couples

Alone or couples?

Motorbike tours with two people take on a whole new taste compared to when you decide to make it alone.

Road or track?

Would you like to train for a track day? The aim is to reach top speed with a suitable motorbike.

Which scooter for road riding?

Efficiency of the Grand Touring (GT) scooter

If you are looking for a scooter, you need to consider its use. Do you want to ride for city trips or for touring? Depending on your expectations, you can choose between several categories of two-wheelers: city scooter, GT scooter, sport scooter, three-wheelers.

BMW Motorrad - The world's No. 1 in high-quality motorbike accessories

Improve your BMW motorbike by installing different types of accessories such as the crankcase guard and its exclusive cylinder. This impact-resistant plastic protective device protects the crankcase and cylinder head of your bike.

On the Internet you can buy various motorbike accessories such as rear silencers, handlebar centre bars, carbon components, media bikes and navigation systems.

The comfort and protection of motorcyclists is enhanced by wearing weather protection men’s/women’s clothing, gloves and safety gear. BMW Europe Moto offers various equipment for motorcyclists: helmet, airflow jacket, functional T-shirt, BMW Sneaker ride…

Two-wheeler accessories can be found in various areas with a variety of design, protection, chassis, luggage, ergonomics and media. Products are available for all BMW motorbike models.

The manufacturers of BMW spare parts pay particular attention to the quality of the products. These items are made of the best materials and they have excellent design.

Vintage and classic motorbike enthusiasts

Vintage motorbikes require maintenance and a specific insurance policy. Vintage motorbikes have a unique charm. This is the case with the legendary Harley-Davidson motorbike or the Honda CB. The Solex and the Kawasaki GPZ series are also among the motorbikes that fascinate vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. If you are interested in buying vintage vehicles, you should know that not all vintage two-wheelers qualify for the ‘collector’ designation.

Buying your first motorbike: between passion and taste

When buying your very first motorbike, it is recommended that you opt for a second-hand motorbike. This way, you will reduce the amount of your insurance premium.

Second-hand motorbikes