Bought a motorbike? how do you insure it properly?

Published on : 30 March 20213 min reading time
When buying a second-hand motorbike, it is important to take into account the motorbike insurance. For example, you need to make sure that you are properly covered when you test ride the bike. If the seller is covered by an “exclusive driver” clause, the seller’s insurance company will theoretically not be able to cover the buyer at the time of the test ride. It is also important to insure the new purchase once the transaction has been completed.

Insuring the used motorbike on the day of purchase

It should be noted that the seller’s motorbike insurance covers the new buyer on the day of purchase until midnight. This cover clause is not valid if the contract concerns an exclusive driver offer. When the procedure for buying the motorbike is concluded, it is important to collect all the useful papers such as the certificate of transfer and certificate of non-disturbance, the vehicle registration document, the maintenance booklet, manuals, invoices, etc. In any case, these documents will no longer be of use to the previous owner, but to you. With the vehicle registration document, your licence and the statement of information, proceed immediately to take out motorbike insurance in your name. Consider printing out the insurance if you do it online.

Which motorbike insurance should I choose when buying a second-hand motorcycle?

It is important that the insurance contract is adapted to the profile of the new buyer. The insurance should also take into account the type of use of the motorbike or scooter and its needs. The most common types of cover include personal insurance for the rider, theft and fire cover, and damage insurance, also known as property damage. The new purchaser of the used motorbike can also choose handlebar loan or legal protection cover. Buyers who acquire a used motorbike at an affordable price can choose the minimum or intermediate package.

Insuring the motorbike at the best price

It is important to take out insurance for your vehicle even if the motorcycle is parked outside. After all, a motorbike is not immune to accidents or fire. The choice of cover differs whether you are a young driver, an occasional rider or a motorbike enthusiast. The best way to insure your vehicle efficiently is to study the different formulas available and to make simulations by contacting numerous insurance companies. The motorcyclist can estimate the cost of motorbike insurance by requesting a motorbike insurance quote online. They can also facilitate the registration process by completing the application process online.