Buying a used motorbike: what is the procedure to follow?

People who want to buy a second-hand motorbike or scooter have to go through a number of complex administrative procedures. When making a transaction between private individuals or with a professional, there are certain steps to be taken, such as obtaining a vehicle registration document, drawing up a sales certificate, a certificate of non-registration, etc.

The required documents for the sale of a used motorbike between private individuals

Those who buy a new motorbike or scooter from a professional will find that the seller takes care of the administrative formalities. This service saves time, as the dealer generally has privileged access to the prefecture, sub-prefecture or vehicle registration office. The small drawback is that this service has an impact on the sale price. Those who sell a motorbike to a private individual will have to provide the buyer with a certain number of documents that will allow him to take the necessary steps to obtain a new vehicle registration document. These include a certificate of non-registration, which may be a certificate of administrative status if the vehicle is registered in another department, the original declaration of transfer (Cerfa N° 13754*02) duly completed and a certificate of sale signed by the buyer and seller.

The motorbike registration certificate

The purchaser of the motorbike has a period of one month to take the necessary steps to obtain a new registration certificate for his new purchase. The procedure can be carried out by going to the prefecture, sub-prefecture or by sending the necessary documents by post. It should be noted that those who decide to apply by post must enclose a copy of proof of identity, a cheque for the tax due and a photocopy of proof of address. Those who apply by post will receive a provisional registration certificate so that they can move around while waiting for the definitive vehicle registration document, which will be sent by registered post within a maximum period of one month.

Documents required for the purchase of a second-hand car

When you buy a used car, you will have to ask the seller for various documents such as the maintenance booklet, the vehicle registration document and the invoice for servicing and repairs. In order for these documents to be legal, the vehicle registration document must include the numbers on the engine and frame. The maintenance booklet must contain the latest revisions as well as the mileage. Two-wheelers will only be subject to technical inspection in 2022. The sale is concluded after the change of the vehicle registration document, by obtaining the certificate of sale and the certificate of non-registration.

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