Choosing your motorbike wheels online

There's no need to go anywhere - it's now possible to choose and buy motorbike wheels online. All you have to do is visit a specialist wheel shop. You should probably know that there are no standard and versatile models. On the contrary, with the number of models and types of two-wheelers on the market today, suppliers are diversifying their range of motorbike wheels.

Classics for road bikes

If you decide to order your cheap wheels online, it is important to know the different types in order to make your choice properly. You can also buy new or retreaded wheels from dealers. The best known are probably the road models. These are cheaper than their sporty counterparts. The retreads are even more affordable. "Sport-touring" or "road", these names often lead to confusion. But in common parlance, there is no difference between the two. These wheels are the most popular among motorcyclists. As the name suggests, they are aimed at people who ride on motorways every day. The tread pattern on these wheels is quite simple and hardly noticeable. Similar to car wheels, road wheels are generally used on roadster or GT motorbikes. This is why they are called "sport-GT". Their main advantage is that they have an excellent rubber compound that resists abrasion with tar. Although they have a fairly hard, even rigid casing, they are quite capable of absorbing the impact of obstacles. 

Why go for sport or hyper sport types for wheels?

These models are made for speed enthusiasts and "super-sport" or roadster type vehicles. You will notice that the tyres on these wheels have less pronounced grooves than the sport-touring types. However, they only perform well under certain conditions. When these conditions are met, they allow the rider to easily handle difficult turns with a 30° angle and very high speeds. The tyres, although soft, need to be warmed up to about 90°C to work optimally. Obviously, you need to ride a few kilometres before they can reach this temperature. On the motorway, however, this is still quite difficult. The wheel will therefore not perform as well as expected when it starts to get cold or rainy. It will even make riding quite dangerous. If you want to use it, it is important to be familiar with its characteristics.

Choosing according to the season

It is possible to select your wheels according to the season. In summer You don't need to look closely to see if they are summer wheels. You can simply use the information provided by the dealer or the manufacturer. Although you are not obliged to use them, they are highly recommended when it starts to get warm (28°C), i.e., from October onwards. In winter You should also fit suitable wheels when winter arrives. If you drive on motorways in some countries, their use is compulsory. You can recognise them easily by the M+S markings. They have a very soft rubber compound that can withstand very low temperatures. Winter tyres are not recommended for use in summer, as they quickly soften in the heat. For all seasons Road tyres are popular because they warm up quickly even when the temperature is low. From the first few metres you will notice their excellent road holding. Most multi-season wheels are GT wheels. However, these models are mainly recommended for winter or autumn. In summer, you can replace them with the "sport" variants.

Special purpose wheels

Apart from the classics, more and more manufacturers are offering wheels with an atypical structure and which are made for special uses. This is the case of the "race" version, which is designed with a tyre tread without pattern. It is obvious that these models will slip and wear out very quickly on the road. They are designed for professional racers. Conversely, you will find models for rough terrain or all-terrain. You can recognise them by their very deep grooves and cobbled tread. Finally, whatever type of wheels you plan to buy online, don't forget to compare prices to take advantage of promotions or the best deals.

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