Decorating your motocross bike with deco kits

Published on : 30 March 20213 min reading time
The days of riding your standard bike are long gone. Today, aesthetics is very important. This can be seen not only in the motocross deco kit, but also in the off-road equipment, which is becoming more and more customised. In the world of competition, a motocross bike with your name or logo on it makes the difference between an ordinary rider and a real fan. It is important to stand out among motorbike enthsiasts.

Why decorate the bike? 

All riders like to have their favourite race number, so why not put your race number on the bike? A custom design on your cross will make it attractive and help you stand out from the crowd. Factory made bikes come out very bland, so you need to give yours a special touch to make it shine. With a motocross deco kit, you can easily stand out. Whether you’re a motorbike rider, dirtbike rider or cross-country rider, the custom designs will fit your plastics. If you want to sell your used bike, your investment in custom kits will be easily recouped due to the higher resale value. In addition, you will be able to sell motorbikes more quickly. The motocross customized decoration kit is ideal for race motorbikes and it gives you a new riding experience.

Available options 

Semi-personal kits are the best way to quickly decorate your bike. Even if you are not a professional rider yet, it will make you look like one. If you already have a tool kit on your bike and you have dropped or broken one of the stickers for reasons beyond your control, it’s time to prepare new decorations. You can choose to order only part of the kit to save money. Off-road enthusiasts will find everything they need for customised machines on the market. Depending on the brand, dirt bike deco can include rear mud caps, rear fenders, armrests, seat covers, bonnets and even helmet stickers. These kits can help you enhance your off-road experience. If you have an old motorbike, you will have the opportunity to bring it back to life.

How to decorate your motocross?

The installation of the motocross decoration kit is very simple. Here are some tips to help you.

Before installing the new one, the old kit must be removed. To remove the graphics completely without tearing them, you can heat them up a bit to make the glue softer. A heat gun or a hair dryer can help you in this process. After heating, you can easily remove them with a fine blade. Be careful not to scratch the plastic!

Next, you will need to clean the surface to which your new decoration kit will be glued. This will ensure that the graphics adhere completely to the plastic. Therefore, go ahead and remove any remaining adhesive or other stains, which may prevent the graphics from adhering perfectly. You can wash with water only, no soap.

When putting on your new decorations, place your bike in the shade. Also avoid being in a room that is too hot (over 90 degrees F). However, your designs will adhere better if you heat them before applying them to your bike. This will make it easier to correct imperfections. For example, if a small dent appears, you can heat the area and use a blade strong enough to cover it. Warming up the edges of your graphics will also help prevent them from coming off easily after they cool.