Focus on the different styles of motorbike helmets

Published on : 02 April 20213 min reading time
Wearing a helmet is not only a matter of common sense but also a legal responsibility in France. To help you choose, test and buy motorbike helmets. Start by determining the type of helmet you want to wear. There are five main categories.

Full-face and “jet” helmets

The full-face helmet is the most protective and classic type. It completely covers the rider’s head, hence the name. This bowler helmet is popular because of its soundproofing, comfort and optimal protection. It is generally recommended for sport bike riders and those who ride long distances, while it should be recommended to everyone. The jet helmet exposes the face, which can be an advantage for some professionals. The impression of freedom is enormous but, by definition, the protection of the face and jaw is not as good as with a full-face helmet. With this type of motorbike helmet, you are free… to feel rain, dust, insects, gravel and diesel particles in your face. 

The modular helmet and the off-road helmet

The modular helmet combines the theoretical features of the other two. Its modularity makes it almost a jet or full-face helmet. At rest (breathable and user-friendly), the “jet” side is interesting, for reasons of safety and comfort, because the increased force of the wind on the raised chin strap pulls the head back. Not all of these helmets are certified and they do not allow riding with the chin strap up. As the name suggests, off-road helmets are reserved for specific activities: hiking, enduro, motocross competition, trials, etc. Traditionally, off-road helmets do not have a protective shield. Therefore, goggles or masks must be worn because their seal will help separate the eyes from the dust. With the popularity of super cross-country motorbikes, off-road helmets have become increasingly popular in cities, even in adventure tours. The new off-road helmets come with a cap and shield. Some of them are modular.

The crossover helmet

You could say that this is a “convertible” helmet. The concept is the same as that of the modular model. The difference is that the conversion is more thorough and can only be done at a standstill, sometimes even with tools. In general, these helmets have removable chins that can not only be raised but can also be removed completely. This makes it possible to have a jet helmet in summer and a full-face helmet in winter, for example.