How do I take out and cancel a motorbike insurance?

Motorbike insurance is compulsory and motorbike owners and riders must take out a motorbike insurance policy with a company. The subscription can be done online or in an agency. You can cancel your motorbike, car and home insurance policy at any time after one year.

Taking out motorbike insurance

Motorcyclists who take out insurance for their property at a branch will be contacted by an advisor who will present them with a quote which they may or may not accept. When the procedure is carried out online, the customer provides the information themselves by filling in a form. In contrast to buying insurance in a branch, the Internet user who buys insurance remotely can withdraw from the contract within 14 days. Those who take out motorbike insurance should look for a wide range of offers by simulating estimates online using a comparison tool. Before taking out insurance, it is important to choose the right formula. Depending on your needs, you can choose a third-party insurance policy that offers a minimum level of protection including only third-party liability coverage. Intermediate insurance and comprehensive insurance are the other two options for covering a motorbike.

Cancelling motorbike insurance before one year of subscription

In certain situations, a motorbike insurance contract can be cancelled before the first renewal date. In the event of a change of situation, the insured person is entitled to three months from the date of moving to make a request for cancellation by a registered mail. If the motorbike is sold, transferred or donated, the cancellation request can be sent the day after the transaction is made. The cover is terminated after a maximum of 10 days. In the event of theft or destruction of the motorbike, the company must be notified within 10 days by a registered letter. If the insurer increases its rates, the policyholder has a period of 15 days to one month to terminate the contract.

The advantage of the Hamon law for cancelling motorbike insurance

The application of the law allows you to cancel your motorbike insurance and change your insurer without having to pay any fees or provide any proof after one year's commitment. The operation is simplified because the new insurer takes care of all the administrative procedures. The motorcyclist only has to sign an authorisation mandate. One month after the request for cancellation of motorbike insurance, the old contract is terminated and the new one takes effect.

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