How does a GPS tracker work?

A GPS tracker is an anti-theft accessory which ensures the security of your vehicle (motorbike, scooter, car) in both urban and rural areas. The GPS (Global Positioning System) was a project financed and invented by the American army. It was also designed for military purposes as part of the development of the satellite navigation and detection system. In 1983, it was first licensed for civilian use. And from that year onwards, various commercial companies developed various related satellite technologies that could make the daily life of consumers better and safer. And very soon, it became the world's best-selling GPS motorbike tracker solution, autonomous and visible in various online and actual shops. This article will serve as a guide to help you understand how a motorbike GPS tracker works.

Discovering the main functions of a GPS tracker

There are many options that you can enjoy with a GPS tracker. First of all, it intervenes to warn you as a motion detector in case of a fall while riding or parking. In addition, the motorbike GPS tracker alerts you at any time you desire to know the geographical location or the exact position of your motorbike in case of theft, kidnapping or during a normal journey. Besides, the motorbike GPS tracker systematically records your motorbike journeys so that you can review them later. The function of a GPS tracker is hyper-reactive in nature. Subsequently, thanks to the connected anti-theft alarm, you will immediately receive a call and/or a notification. Thus, the remotely activated audible alarm will repel thieves. Moreover, by staying connected 24 hours a day on the Internet, and having the downloadable application, you will be connected anywhere and anytime. The same goes for being informed of the location and position of your motorbike. Finally, by joining the GPS tracker with the connected alarm, you would be able to make all the existing features of the GPS tracker functional, responsive and accurate.

Objectives of having a motorbike GPS tracker 

The main objective of having a tracker is to make use of new technology which is capable of effectively optimizing the sound alarms considered independent. In fact, it is essential to equip your motorbike with a motorbike tracker as it can alert you when needed thanks to its use of a computer and electronic device sensitive to movement and to certain unusual vibrations which could affect your motorbike.  The same applies to the possibility of geolocation at short notice and of having all the history of the movements of your motorbike. Finally, to increase its functionality, it has been equipped with an autonomous battery that functions even in the event of a possible disconnection of your motorbike whether intended or not.

The benefits of opting for a GPS tracker

There are a number of undeniable benefits that a GPS tracker can bring to you. First of all, a motorbike tracker allows you to improve the interface and navigation of your routes. Secondly, it has become the best way to secure your motorbike as an anti-theft device. It can reduce the number of motorbike thefts, as it helps to easily find the stolen two-wheeled vehicle. You will have a head start in notifying the police when you possess the information indicated by the said tracker. So, you can ride with peace of mind and without stress or fear of theft. It is also a better tracking and an effective permanent solution for geolocating your motorbike. The work between the satellite network, the Internet, and the motorbike application on your Smartphone allows to give you the expected result with great precision and accuracy. Thanks also to the connected alarm, you will be notified if someone tries to steal your motorbike and will systematically alert your relatives in case of a fall. Finally, via the IOS and Android motorbike app, you can plan your ride or walk in great detail.

Tips for choosing your GPS tracker

Before choosing and investing in a motorbike GPS tracker, there are certain features to know in advance to be sure of its quality. First of all, you should know that you should get a GPS tracker package that includes a subscription card and a box. The whole thing is almost wrapped up to be ready to give away. Secondly, don't hesitate to make comparisons in terms of quality-performance-price ratio. In addition, your choice often depends on your budget. The price of a GPS tracker varies according to the capacity of the box, its brand, its manufacturing quality, its performance, the battery life of the tracker, and the place of sale. To this end, do not hesitate to opt for trackers with a long battery life. You should not neglect what your friends and family say about their own experience with this gear as well as the opinion of professionals in the field. In addition, most cases have a key with a battery, removable attachments, batteries for the tracker, a national or international SIM card, and a minimum one-year warranty. Note also that the tracker is waterproof in nature, compatible with IOS and Android, and can use translations of various languages (French, English, and others). Also, the weight and size of the tracker is important when considering concealing the unit on your bike. Finally, take into account the GPS receiver of the tracker to have a flawless motorbike connection.

How does a GPS tracker work?

Firstly, investing in a GPS tracker allows you to benefit from a chest including a box, a subscription card with a personalised message at your disposal to make your bike connected. Once you have bought it from the supplier, connect it to your motorbike to take advantage of the GPS tracker. Secondly, download the motorbike application for free. In a next step, you have to install it on your smartphone. Thus, the application available on iPhone and Android for motorbike will be connected to your box. The connected motorbike alarm works in the following way: the box connected to the motorbike is supposed to geolocate your motorbike at any time and any place. It will alert you if someone tries to tear it apart, touch it or even move it from one place to another when it is supposed to be in a well-guarded area (home, workplace, supermarket or other). It will immediately transmit the information to the application on your mobile, which in turn will notify you either via a call or push notification. You just need to physically check the area to see if it was a false alarm or if someone is really trying to steal your vehicle, and therefore you need to alert police in the nearest station. Your alarm system will also notify you in case of disconnection of the power supply of the box which works thanks to the autonomous battery. Your box is independent of the motorbike application on your smartphone. This does not prevent you from being notified in the event of a theft attempt.

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