How to choose a GPS tracker?

Nowadays, equipping your motorbike with a GPS tracker is becoming essential. It is a geolocation device used by professionals as well as individuals. It is an ideal solution to protect and connect a motorbike at the same time. The range of products on offer for this tool is constantly increasing. So are the models, features and other special capabilities. In order to find a reliable and effective GPS tracker, there are a number of criteria that need to be considered. So, follow the guide below to ensure you choose a device that suits your needs.

Understanding what a motorbike GPS tracker is

Firstly, it is essential to know the characteristics of a GPS tracker before making your choice. A motorbike tracker is a tool that comes in the form of a box that is easy to hide on a motorbike or scooter. It allows you to keep in touch with your vehicle. It ensures its remote monitoring thanks to geolocation. This is made possible by the existence of a dedicated application, installed beforehand on your Smartphone. It is a small, powerful device with a wide range of features. To ensure the safety of your motorbike, it guarantees remote monitoring. In addition to this, it allows motion detection and geographical delimitation of the security zone. In addition to this, it offers geolocation and tracking on a mobile application. Alerts can be received in real time by email or SMS. Using a motorbike GPS tracker has many advantages. It is a waterproof tool that is resistant to moisture. It is also resistant to dust and various weather conditions. It is robust and it runs on a battery. However, it is possible to connect it to an electric current. Of course, it does not prevent a thief from seizing your motorbike. However, its presence reassures you because of its effective geolocation. 

Choosing the best tracker with interesting features

As mentioned above, the main function of a motorbike GPS tracker is to trace the location of the vehicle. This can be done in real time or on demand by the user. In addition to the general features mentioned above, this tool may have other qualities. These have been integrated to optimise the performance of the device and its usefulness. When choosing a tracker, it is necessary to check all these features in order to get a reliable tracker. For example, the motorbike tracker that displays the number of kilometres travelled is ideal. It should be selected if you want to know the number of stops too. Other models allow you to know the speed and duration of the journey. Some have anti-theft functions. This feature can be controlled remotely. An alert is sent when the motorbike deviates from the defined security perimeter thanks to the connected motorbike alarm. Apart from this, there are recently even more sophisticated devices. These are essentially GPS trackers with mapping. The latter ensures instantaneous tracking of the two-wheeler. There are even those that connect easily to Google Maps. These seem to be the most competitive. Geographical location is more accurate and easier when using them. In any case, connected trackers are the most recommended.

Consider the battery life of the device

To get the most out of your connected motorbike, consider the battery life of the tracker when you buy it. This criterion depends mainly on the power of the battery itself. It should be noted that before making a choice, you should be aware of the purpose for which you intend to use the device. The selection should be made on this basis. Geotracers have varying life spans. It is therefore essential to take this factor into account according to your needs. Most GPS beacons only recharge after several months. However, others have an autonomy of only a few days. The length of time varies according to the type of beacon. A stand-alone GPS tracker is one that works well with an internal battery. It must be recharged within a more or less regulated period of time in this case. If you ensure the power supply of the tool, the continuity of its operation is no longer in question. The same applies to its own autonomy. It is essential to choose a tracker whose instructions indicate the autonomy in its use. Why should you do this? Because some manufacturers increase the performance of their product by only displaying the autonomy of their device in standby mode. This will lead to a discharge of the battery after a few hours of use. In this regard, selecting a reliable and reputable manufacturer is also a good idea.

Check size and usability

When choosing a connected motorbike case, size is a determining factor. Indeed, some thieves are more than cunning and can spot the GPS tracker easily. If this is the case, they will unplug it before stealing your bike. This will cause you to lose out on the purchase of the device. It is therefore best to opt for a tool that is easy to hide. For the best possible attachment to your bike, opt for a magnetic tracker. Ideally, it should even be placed under the seat. Smaller GPS units are beneficial without compromising on performance. In specialist shops, you will find a wide range of choices in various sizes. Moreover, this device comes in different sizes. All you have to do is choose according to your needs and wishes. Simply try to distinguish the one that offers an excellent balance between discretion and battery life. Secondly, it is advisable to opt for a motorbike GPS tracker that is easy to use. This avoids problems of any kind and simplifies your daily life. It is also a good choice if you are not familiar with the latest technology. A tracker with a motorbike application is a bit complicated to use. So, whatever you choose, read the user guide carefully. Take the time to read the instructions to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Make a price comparison

Finally, apart from functionality, autonomy and discretion, choose an accurate GPS system. This will ensure safety and motorbike connectivity. Also consider doing a price comparison before you make a purchase. This is a very important criterion, as your final choice depends on your budget. It is therefore important to select several products and to compare their costs. Moreover, the price changes a lot according to the various features characterizing the motorbike GPS tracker. The brand and the services included are those that usually influence it. You should therefore consider the type of subscription you want to adopt. Trackers with a subscription are considerably more expensive than those without. Some brands choose to impose their own subscription. Others give you the right to choose what you want. In any case, a forced subscription is not a very affordable solution. Therefore, it is advisable to subscribe to an operator with a strong network. This will ensure the reliability of your motorbike's geolocation. As with any other product purchase, getting a quote is essential. Ask for one from several suppliers to avoid making the wrong choice. It is also possible to do this online with a few simple clicks.

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