Motorbike baskets: our advice on how to choose the right one

Published on : 02 April 20212 min reading time
Travelling light on a motorbike is always advisable. However, if you need to carry supplies, equipment or change clothes, you need a motorbike basket or top case, especially if the journey will be long. Motorbike baskets are often attached to the back of the bike and they have a capacity of 20 to 50 litres. Opting for a motorbike top case is advantageous because it offers more comfort when riding. You won’t have to carry a backpack, which is sometimes dangerous. How to choose your motorbike basket?

Choosing the right motorbike basket

It is important to choose the right basket because the weight of the basket at the back affects your balance on the bike. It changes the weight distribution. In addition, the rear end of a motorbike has never been designed to carry extra weight. Therefore, it is advisable to choose your basket carefully to avoid a crack due to heavy load. Apart from this accessory, engine protection is also essential, such as engine protection brackets. These will help protect the motorbike, at least, in case of a fall. 

Choose a basket that suits your needs

Having a large motorbike basket does not mean that it is the best. A model adapted to your needs is essential, like those that you may find here. Choose it with regard to the space you need and according to your motorbike experience. Also consider the comfort of your passenger, as the location of the basket may make them feel uncomfortable. Test whether your helmet, or even two helmets can fit in. To check this, take your helmets with you when you buy your motorbike basket. Make sure you use the minimum size.

Safety first

Choose baskets such as top cases that give you better visibility on the road thanks to their reflectors or top lights. You will be easy to spot in fog and even in the dark. For your protection, choose a model that attaches to rigid objects on the frame but not to the bodywork. The shell should have a rubber seal and needs to be waterproof. Also, avoid overloading the basket as it may become deformed and lose its watertightness.