Which motorbike insurance to choose? Which one to avoid?

When choosing a motorbike insurance policy that suits your needs, you need to take stock of your profile and the use of your motorbike. Insurers who calculate the premium also take into account the type of motorbike or scooter. As choosing motorbike insurance is not always easy, here are some tips to guide you.

Choosing the right motorbike insurance for a young rider

Insurance companies are particularly interested in the rider's profile. A novice motorcyclist must first prove that he or she is good at riding. When they are more experienced, they can increase the power of their motorcycle and choose better coverage. The term young rider is not related to age, but to the age of the licence. The holder of a licence of less than 3 years is considered a novice rider. As a high-risk profile, he or she will have to pay a degressive premium surcharge of 100% in the first year, 50% in the second year and 25% in the third year. The cost of the premium can be reduced by starting to ride a second-hand two-wheeler with third-party insurance. Some options can be added, such as the rider's personal guarantee. This option allows you to pay a capital sum in the event of bodily injury resulting from an at-fault accident.

Light riders, keen motorcyclists and senior motorcyclists

Occasional riders should choose only the essential coverages. This choice is necessary when riding an old motorbike. If the occasional rider uses a new or recent motorbike, it is better to avoid the essential cover and to take out comprehensive or intermediate cover instead. Passionate motorcyclists should take out effective cover. Senior citizens who want to rediscover the thrill and atmosphere of riding a motorbike will have to pay a higher premium if they have not insured their motorbike for more than three years.

Tips for choosing a motorbike insurance

When choosing a motorbike insurance policy, the first rule is not to cheat, always ride while insured, otherwise you will be fined €3750, your licence will be suspended for up to 5 years and your vehicle will be impounded. Do not make false declarations. You should also determine the value of the motorbike (Argus rating); think about taking out intermediate cover against theft; insure the equipment; check the amount of the deductibles; negotiate lower contributions or find the most advantageous offer.

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