Choosing your motorbike tail bag

Published on : 02 April 20213 min reading time
Riding a motorbike is the best way to get to your destination as quickly as possible, especially if you have to take a road that is often blocked by traffic jams. The tail bag is the ideal solution for you. Placed on the back of your motorbike, the tail bag offers a perfect balance between aerodynamics and luggage transportation. It is therefore important to know the criteria for choosing your saddlebag.

Choose the right load and capacity

Before choosing your motorbike bag, you need to determine the load you are going to carry. However, carrying things to work or other destinations is still a problem despite the availability of many choices. In fact, you have to think about how to carry the maximum amount of luggage while keeping a good stability on the motorbike. This is very important in order to avoid an imbalance when riding your motorbike. Even if the tail bag is attached to the rear of the motorbike, when the load is too heavy, it can interfere with your riding. In general, a tail bag can hold between 15 and 45 litres on average, depending on the case. You will need to adapt it to the size of your motorbike to keep its aerodynamics. A tail bag like the BMW Tail Bags is ideal, especially if your motorbike does not have a top case. It allows you to put even a second helmet in it.

Choose the right material

The choice of material is very important, as it determines the quality of the motorbike bag and especially the level of waterproofing it offers. You have different choices for the material, such as PVC, nylon and many other types of textile. Sometimes a water-resistant fabric is added to the bag to provide extra waterproofing. This allows you to place items safely in the bag and keep them out of the water, especially in the rainy season. In some cases, a hard shell is also added to reinforce your tail bag. This protects more fragile items from being knocked around.

Choosing the right type of attachment

In general, a tail bag is easy to fit to the rear of your motorbike. You will need to check that the securing straps are supplied. This motorbike bag should be attached to your rear seat. Simply fasten it with the two buckles. In addition, to prevent theft attempts, this tail bag can be converted into a shoulder bag. You can place it on your shoulders by adjusting the length of the straps. This allows you to put valuables in the bag with maximum security.