Do you want to have your motorbike seat redone without spending too much money? Here’s some advice!

Published on : 11 November 20213 min reading time
A new saddle not only changes the look of your bike, it also changes your riding experience. But with all the options available to you, the most important criterion to consider is your goal. Your personal style, riding habits and budget are all at play when deciding on the saddle you want. So, what do you want to achieve with your new seat?

Motorbike Seat Foam

The most important, but probably the most overlooked part of a motorbike seat is the foam inside. Consideration should be given to the shape of the foam, its characteristics, its composition and its overall quality.

For a motorbike seat to be comfortable, the foam must be carefully formulated to be both soft and restful, but also strong enough to withstand long distance travel. Most premium seat manufacturers use their own proprietary formulations of polyurethane or polyethylene foam with controlled density. 

The premium motorbike seat foam used in high quality seats like the original BMW Motorcycle seats are often firmer than the regular ones, but not hard.

Seat cover

Most original motorbike seats are made with a molded vinyl cover, which is usually stretched over the foam cushion and simply stapled on. The advantage of this type of seat is that it is waterproof. However, it does not fit well over the contours of the cushion, and wrinkles or bulges may appear as a result. 

In terms of the materials used in the construction of seat covers, the most popular are leather (or suede) and vinyl, and there is a range of quality in each category. Leather is more expensive than vinyl, but has a richer feel and can be dyed and customised in unlimited ways. Leather is beautiful and durable, but be aware that the colour and finish will change as it wears and ages. Vinyl, on the other hand, has the look of leather, as well as the durability and resistance to the elements of your original motorbike saddle.

Find your own perfect saddle

Investing in a motorbike seat is a big decision, trying to make a decision and finding the ‘perfect seat’ for you can be a bit daunting. 

The secret to upgrading your seat is that you are investing in one of the few fashions that will completely change your riding experience, radically alter the look of your bike and, most importantly, last for many years.