How to take out temporary motorbike insurance?

In order to meet the needs of those who only use their motorcycle temporarily, insurance companies have taken the initiative to offer temporary motorbike insurance policies, which are generally valid for between 1 and 90 days. In this case, temporary insurance means savings. It is cheaper and, above all, more advantageous than traditional contracts. It can be taken out in a simple way and does not require any special formalities.

A closer look at the workings of temporary motorbike insurance

Although it is less well-known than traditional motorbike insurance, temporary motorbike insurance is a very interesting solution for some motorcyclists, mainly those who are looking to insure themselves for a short period of time between 1 and 90 days. In contrast to the classic contract, you don't have to pay an annual insurance premium, because the contract is only temporary. At the end of the insurance contract, the motorcyclist does not need to cancel it, as the cover provided is automatically terminated and the contract is worthless. The next day, if the motorcyclist takes his motorbike out, he will of course ride without insurance. If he wishes, he can renew his contract easily. It should be noted that in order to be granted temporary motorbike insurance cover, the insured vehicle must meet certain eligibility criteria. In principle, this type of insurance only concerns two-wheeled vehicles with an engine capacity between 126 cc and 750 cc. Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 125 cc or less (scooters, light motorbikes, mopeds) are excluded from the provisional insurance. 

When should you take out temporary motorbike insurance?

Because of its temporary nature, provisional motorbike insurance is not for everyone. Indeed, those who use their two-wheeler for daily riding have no interest in it. This type of product is more advantageous for very occasional riders or those who only take their motorbike for a particular occasion. There are several situations in which a motorcyclist may wish to take out temporary motorbike insurance. Firstly, if the motorcyclist borrows the motorbike from someone close to him or her and that person is not covered by insurance, it makes sense to cover him or her by temporary insurance. If the motorcyclist is importing or exporting a motorbike, temporary motorbike insurance is useful to cover it until it arrives at its destination. If a motorbike is impounded because the police have confiscated it from an uninsured motorcyclist, the principal may well take out temporary insurance as a matter of urgency while he or she takes out a long-term policy. Provisional motorbike insurance is also interesting for motorcyclists taking part in a one-off event in France or abroad: rally, exhibition, meeting, etc. If the motorcyclist has bought his new motorbike on the internet or from a dealer, he can also take out temporary insurance before opting for a standard policy. Simplified procedures for taking out temporary motorbike insurance In addition to the eligibility requirements for temporary motorbike insurance, there are other specific conditions for taking out temporary insurance. Most insurance companies require the motorcyclist to be at least 21 years old and to have held a licence for at least two years. In addition, the motorcyclist would only be eligible for a temporary policy if he or she is of exemplary behaviour: no licence suspension or cancellation. The formalities for taking out a contract are very simple. After signing the contract, it can take effect immediately. As for the documents to be presented at the time of subscription, these are a copy of the vehicle registration document for the motorcycle to be insured, a copy of the motorcyclist's driving licence, proof of purchase of the motorbike, and a copy of the motorcyclist's information sheet (or, failing that, a declaration of his or her driving history). It should be noted that temporary motorbike insurance can usually be taken out by telephone in the event of an emergency.

Temporary motorbike insurance cover

Given its temporary nature, temporary motorbike insurance is not intended for those who want to take advantage of extensive coverage. The level of cover offered is basic and may differ from one insurer to another. But in general, a temporary motorbike insurance policy is limited to the essentials so that motorcyclists can ride legally, such as third-party liability coverage to cover damage caused to third parties (material or bodily), legal protection, and assistance coverage (in some policies). It is of course a contract that includes the basic guarantees. This means that the motorcyclist can nevertheless complete it by subscribing to tailor-made options depending on the use he will make of his vehicle: damage cover, bodily injury cover for the driver, assistance in the event of breakdown, etc.

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